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FATTY LIVER DISEASE ! Fatty liver disease refers to the accumulation of fat cells in the liver. The liver typically contains some amount of fat. The liver tends to convert usual food into protein, fats and sugar. Some fat in your liver is normal. However, in case that it makes up more than five to ten percent of the organ's weight, you may have a fatty liver. The basically fatty liver is otherwise called steatosis. Over the top fat in the liver can cause the liver to get swollen and lead to liver damage. Arogya Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya use ayurveda is an old medical system that makes use of herbs existing in nature to create home grown care .
Premature ejaculation! Premature ejaculation can happen when you least aspect of it, affecting not only your sexual performance, but also experience the causes of the problem could be manifold, anxiety, hormones or injury to name a few. Even excessive masturbation can lead to uncontrolled ejaculation as your end up hastening your climax and weakening your primary sex organ. This problem completely and permanently cured by using ayurvedic treatment.